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Fresh summer smoothie bowl with vegan handmade granola by Apryl

Aktualisiert: 23. Apr. 2020

Staying at home while outside is so hot is not that fun, and that’s why this fresh smoothie bowls is exactly what you need if you want something delicious and refreshing.




250 grams frozen papaya

100 grams frozen banana

3 fresh peaches

1 splash coconut water

1 scoop pea protein powder (unflavored)


Dark chocolate



Bio Granola NO. 1 THE ORIGINAL from Nuts and Friends


Just blend all the ingredients and add the toppings at the end.



What makes it special?

☆ this granola is handmade by the amazing Nuts and Friends here in my country in Zurich.

☆ it’s organic.

☆ full of good and healthy fats coming from 4 different types of nuts (30% is only nuts).

☆ there is no added sugar, only maple syrup.

☆ the package is without plastic (good for our Planet, we should be more aware to protect Mother Earth).

☆ and of course 100% vegan.

I love granola so much, but I’ve always found that the store-bought granola have to many sugars inside that upset my stomach... with this granola you can’t go wrong! From the first spoon I could tell that it was handmade and so fresh... this is literally the best granola ever and I am so happy I had the chance to create a recipe for this amazing guy. You won’t be disappointed by this one, it’s exactly how you would make yours at home, but without having to make it yourself (and clean the mess in the kitchen)! 10/10 FOR SURE!

Thank you April for that awesome recipe.

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